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Birkenstock Shoes and Sandals For Men and Women

Most men and women don not realize is that your feet more than any other part of your body receive the most wear and tear. Your feet support your entire body weight, they enable you to walk, run, stand and keep your balance. Most people when shopping for footwear are more concerned about style and brand rather than the actual performance and benefits of the shoes or sandals they are about to purchase. Your feet over a lifetime will be subject to an enormous amount of impact and stress. That is why it is important to take care of your feet and wearing quality shoes and sandals will help you protect them as well as providing you with comfort.

Birkenstock designed the world's first contoured cork/latex footbed. The shape of the Original Birkenstock Footbed enables your body weight to be distributed evenly over your entire foot, providing your feet with optimal support. The creation of the Birkenstock comfort footbed started with the concept that the shape of the shoe should match the shape of the foot. It is a lot like walking in sand along a beach, when your feet are supported by a healthy shape and firmly supported walking becomes a pleasure. This footbed is made of resilient cork and latex and is shaped to create a healthy and comfortable environment for your feet. The blend of cork and latex is flexible and reacts to natural body temperature. Over a period of time the footbed takes on the shape, contour and the characteristics the wearers foot. The longer you own and wear a pair Birkenstocks the more comfortable they become.

For individuals with sensitive feet or those affected with arthritis they offer footwear equipped with the added feature referred to as "Soft-Footbed" that consists of a foam cushion that is inserted between the flexible cork and latex mixture, coated in sturdy natural jute, and the suede leather cover sole.