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Buy Chanel 2.55 Online!

Chanel has a very large collection of handbags and purses to its credit. However, one bag which is considered to be the brand's most famous bag since its launch is the Chanel 2.55. It is a classic bag made with great leather, and has the wonderful patent quilted design on it. This bag was designed by Coco Chanel in the year 1955, and even till today, many celebrities are spotted carrying it. The bag got its name from the date of its launch, which was February 1955.

While making this bag, Coco Chanel had just one thought in mind - to create a comfortable bag for women that could free their hands, and yet be a great accessory. This is why she added the shoulder string to the bag, and ensured that there was convenience in carrying the bag.

The quilted design that has been used on the bag came as an inspiration to Chanel from the designs on the jackets of jockeys. She was very fond of the design and decided to use it on the bag then, and the result of that is such that even till today, a lot of Chanel bags still use the same quilted design.

Now, there are many different versions of the Chanel 2.55. One can find it in different leather types, in different sizes, in different colours, and also with a choice of gold or silver hardware. One of the reasons why women find this bag to be very convenient is because of the smart planning of the sections and the compartments inside the bag. The compartment under the opening flap was rumoured to be the one where Chanel used to hide her love letters!

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