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Fill Up Your Daytime With Music Downloads By Obtaining Legal Ipo

Have you been searching for a way to add tunes to your player without having to sell your house or your car to cover the cost? You are not alone. With today?s technology, there are a multitude of websites that offer music downloads. Not all of them have the same selection. Not all of them are free to the consumer, either. And, as the news has told us over the past few years, not all of them are legal.

Keeping her player charged became her number one priority. Sometimes she used my laptop to power up, though I never quite understood why. Clearly, she knew what she was doing, because after a time, she?d have player in hand, ear buds in place and back in music land.

A very good answer to that question is Limewire, a subscription service for consumers to download entertainment. Okay, subscription doesn?t exactly sound free, but for the monthly fee, which is less than the cost of a CD, you get 30 days of unlimited access to a huge database of video and audio downloads. In addition, Limewire provides technical support, just in case you have problems.

Still skeptical? Consider that these downloads are the exact right size for your mp3 player and are virus free. Plus, Limewire offers technical support in case you should have problems.

Finally, I investigated this electronic music player. Though it is quite small, it contains a large amount of disc space, large enough to hold up to 10 days of nonstop music, without repeating one song! That is 24 hours of listening pleasure for 10 days straight, no stops and no repeats.

It works like this. The consumer pays the subscription free, about the cost of one CD, and for 30 days receives unlimited access to a large number of audio and video files. Yes, I said unlimited access. Consider that.

So where does the average person with the average budget find enough music to fill the player, and not break the bank? There are free music downloads available online, but the selection is limited. With Limewire, consumers have access to a huge number of tunes and movies, plus other shareware. In addition to the technical support, Limewire guarantees that all downloads are virus free.

So for peace of mind regarding viruses, handy technical support and a large selection, why not sign up for Limewire. Except for the time it takes to find the thousands of songs to fill your player, I can?t think of one reason.

That?s what makes Limewire so great. You only have to pay the monthly fee to have access to a huge number of songs. And in that month, you can download as many songs and such as you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Limewire for yourself and download enough tunes to last you a life time. Happy listening!