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Four Helpful Tips 101 - Walking in High Heels

I started walking with high heel shoes when I was 15 when I attended my Prom. It was an awkward feeling at first walking in 3 or 4 inches stiletto shoes for hours. It was then when I started to like high heel shoes. It took me so long to manage how to walk with it at my best. I know that there are some women out there who do not know how to walk with heels. Two of the reasons probably are the fear of falling and feeling intimidated by towering heels. Others would probably think that it is all about comfort and would rather wear flats and sneakers.

However, there are occasions which require us to wear heels. Even if it is not mandatory or needed but for formality and fashion, it is highly recommended. But don't panic yet. It is actually true that walking with your high heels is not even that hard. Isn't it practice makes perfect? See these tips and try walking with those shoes that you keep on your closet for so long.

First Tip:

Walking with high heels can give ache to your feet right? So, just step smoothly and not in a hurry. Do it by trying to step on your shoes' heels. Avoid stepping on sole first and walk with your toes pointing straight. Since it is just the beginning, it is good if you try walking on a padded floor. Try to walk on your sala for example and walk slowly.

Second Tip:

Walking with high heels also come with proper balance. So keep that arms moving, but not that much! Try swinging it the normal way to make a balance walk. Keep your legs straight and close. And then just continue walking and start to turn on different directions. When you tend to stop, do not wobble.

Third Tip:

Wearing of high heels is not only for walking, but for dancing as well. If you are in an occasion where a dance is required, try practicing first at home with a side to side step and also try doing some slow turns. In that case, you won't be bumping other people around you.

Fourth Steps:

A walk on the street also requires steps on stairs. Try hold on the rails or close to it in case you lose your balance and for you to reach easily. When climbing, make sure that the heel and sole land one step at a time firmly.

These might be four of the simple tips, but hopefully they help. So grab that high heels and put them on and start walking like a diva! Good Luck!