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Spotting Phony Burberry Made Easy

Burberry font: The font manufactured by Burberry has some unique qualities that many counterfeiting attempts fail to duplicate, starting with the initial B. The B should always have a larger bottom loop than top loop. Often times, fonts seen on phony Burberry handbags will display the initial B with equal loop sizes, or overly exaggerated unequal loop sizes. Some fakes have the top loop of the B, correctly smaller (correct width), but the height is actually incorrect. It may have an unnaturally squished down appearance. Note: One of the most common errors found on the fake Burberry labels is the bleeding, or the blotchy appearance of the letters in the logo font. Authentic fonts should have a crisp, detailed look. Many times the letters in a fake logo will have colors that bleed into the label backing, or have irregular blotchy characters. These factors are easier to determine the more complex the authentic font is.

Other font details: The u in Burberry should always have the left side, or the left line of the character thicker than the right side of the letter. Often times a fake handbag will have these width differences incorrect, at least in the way of blotchy printing. The more the letter has variation, the higher the possibility for bleeding and blotchy areas in the duplication process.

The E: This is an important letter in the logo, because it also has an attribute that many of the fake handbags get wrong. The bottom line of the letter E, the lowest prong on the letter, should always be longer than the other two higher prongs. Always check these font details when inspecting a possible phony Burberry handbag. It is in these subtle details that many of the fakes will be exposed to the buyer. Good luck and safe shopping!