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Styles of Vests For Men

There are so many different styles and designs of vests for men on the market these days, that if you are a hard core biker, a business person, a best man at a wedding, or someone who likes a casual style, the range of mens vests will ensure that there is a wonderful garment waiting for you.

Although vest designs have been around for a long time, hundreds of years in fact, they have seen a resurgence in popularity, for both fashion design and utility. If you are a fisherman, a boating enthusiast, or an old hippy with a love of the 60's, someone is designing a vest for your needs and desires.

The formal dress type vest is very popular, and with good reason. Worn as part of a suit, or with a jacket and tie, the dress vest will make you stand out from the crowd. And worn informally with a t-short or no shirt, these waistcoats are as popular as ever. If you want to look casual, but stylish and sophisticated at the same time, a formal vest may be just what you need.

Leather vests are also spreading their wings and seeking new wearers. The days when they were almost the sole domain of Harley riding bikers is over, they are enjoyed by all sorts of people these days, both male and female. But buyer beware, if you are going to wear them over a bare top, get those biceps and pecs working, they don't always look good on a skinny guy.

A lot of manufacturers are also reproducing the vintage vest designs, focusing on designs and materials from the early 1800's up to the 1970's. Classic vest designs are the inspiration for many of the modern ones, and the old styles still look great, a timeless article of clothing for sure.

If you shop online, you can find really nice looking formal vests for as little as $20, and that may include free shipping too. For a bespoke leather item, prices from $200 - $2000 are not uncommon. You do get what you pay for, but many of the vests for men at the cheaper end of the spectrum can still offer you years of great service. it's a great way to dress up a casual outfit and look cool at the same time.

As mentioned, the internet based shopping retailers can offer you great value, as well as a diverse range of products. The designs and color ranges are huge, you really need to focus to be able to make your decision. I've been wearing vest and waistcoats for many years and love them. If you've never worn one before, give them a go, you might just end up falling in love with them too. I did, and now have over 100 of them.