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The History of Birkenstocks

Do you know the term foot bed? This term is originated with Kondard Birkenstock. He is the revolutionary sandal maker from Germany in 19th century. Previously, Birkenstock Shoes designed no arch and totally flat soles but then they made a revolution in shoe design by making footwear that suited the foot shape of person.

Originally their design was sold as an insert which is used on other foot wears which had no shape. Their corporation became a major producer of orthopedic inserts.

These were well-known as foot bed supports and it was an official trademark of the Birkenstock Company.

Furthermore they understood that their novel foot bed support design could be developed into several models of shoes that they could produce themselves. The first sandals they designed were aimed to provide people a near barefoot experience while still giving protection and good support of the sole.

Many people realized that best footwear should be comfortable and relieve back problems. Birkenstock Company understands what customers need. They give the proper fit and arch support to make comfortable and best footwear. Nowadays Birkenstock foot wears are available in various colors, style and materials. You may choose the best one which does really fit on your personality and need.

Birkenstock is producer of the most recognized sandals and shoes in the world. they started from the simple and humble shoemakers to be the famous one. They give the best quality shoes in the eyes of consumers and become one of popular shoe manufacturer in the world.